California District 8 - Nancy Pelosi Must Go

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Nancy Pelosi has been behaving as if she is untouchable.  She doesn't seem to have any fear of losing her spot as Speaker and she seems to have even less fear of losing her job.  She is smug and arrogant about her role in pushing through a extremely expensive health care plan against the will of the majority of the people.  She has encouraged Congress, in her own nasty way, to not represent the people, but rather chose for the people.  She clearly thinks she knows what we want more than we do, rather like a parent choosing for a child because a child couldn't make the right decision on their own.  That is condescending and has no place in American Politics. 

Nancy Pelosi has always been a rabid liberal but now, drunk with power, she is showing her colors.  She doesn't care what we want as a country, she wants a socialist country and she will push and shove all she needs to in order to get her way.  Pelosi's district in California, District 8, includes the city of San Francisco, which is full of extreme liberals, like herself.  She has won by a landslide in all elections in the past 20 years.  That may be changing.  A new poll taken just last month places her favorability rating among registered voters at 11%. 

John Dennis may be the person who gives 70 year old Pelosi way more time with her grandkids.  Pelosi is up for re-election this year.  John Dennis is running against her.  He's a solid Republican, and he wants the health care bill repealed.  If you are in District 8 in California it is imperative you vote this November.  If you aren't, tell your friends about John Dennis, spread the word.  There is hope.  It's time for Pelosi to retire, lets make it happen, California.