Fighting Back Feels Good

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
We have fought back and we have won the house.  The tides are turning as America discovers just what a mess we are in.  Now we must begin to undo all the wrong that has been done.  On to 2012, a new president, and the senate!

Obama is off, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a lavish trip fit for royalty just days after voters told him quite clearly to rein in the spending.  He is acting like a kid in a candy store, sadly, we seem to be the parents, following after him and picking up the bill. 

One term is plenty for this guy.  He was voted in despite having no experience so we could have a "historic" moment.  Now he will go down in history as a collosal failure and we will be paying for his actions for years to come.  God help us.


Adam said...

Obama isn't socialist. He is close to social democracy which is techically socialism since it used to be the same as what is now known as Democratic socialism. Now it's generally known as the Capitalistic welfare state

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